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At Contiki we believe it’s about making every moment count and that’s what we do best.

How Will Travel Change You?

What Will You Do This Year That You Will Remember Forever?

The Travel Project

WORDS WE LIVE BY: We exist to connect long people through life changing, social travel experiences. Our goal is to enable travellers to become better versions of themselves. 

WE’RE ABOUT PEOPLE. With Contiki, you can always sit with us. We celebrate the extroverts. The introverts. The people who dance in the rain. The people who aren’t afraid to dream. We believe that life is better with friends, and two is enough to make a party.

MAKE EVERY MOMENT COUNT. Every moment that passes you buy is a moment you’ll never get back. Our legacy isn’t built on the things we said we’d do, it’s built on the things we’ve done, the moments we’ve seized, the opportunities we’ve grasped with two hands and never regretted.

LIFE’S AN ADVENTURE. Adventure isn’t just something you do, it’s who you are. It’s having the courage to go further. It’s breaking down barriers, seeking out the end of your comfort zone and having the courage to jump. Adventure can be found anywhere, at any time, if you want it badly enough.

WE ARE YOUNG. Being young is at the heart of everything we do. It’s a number, sure, but it’s also a mind set. To be young is to be wonderfully naive, to see the world through new eyes, to be optimistic because you have no reason not to be. Being young is recognizing that the world is at your feet, and that there’s no better time than right now.

CHALLENGE EVERYTHING. If you say why, we say why not. We’ve come across plenty of naysayers in our time, but it’s our healthy disregard for the impossible that has us standing where we are now. Adversity breeds greatness, so we relish the challenges, the tough times, and the people who say we can’t. Success tasted a whole lot better when you know you deserve it.

DO THINGS WITH PASSION…Or not at all. Show people you care. Pour your heart and soul into everything you do. Go the extra mile. We do what we do because we love it. We break down cultural barriers, see the world as our playground and give people the absolute time of their lives. How can you not be passionate about that?

TREADLIGHTLY. Travel is a privilege that no one should ever take for granted. And so with travelling comes a responsibility – to recognize the beauty of the world, but also to recognize how fragile this beauty is, and how easily it can, and is, being lost. Take only memories, leave only footprints, and speak for the world sheen it can’t speak for itself.

BE PART OF THE STORY. Every team member who joins the ranks, every traveller who explores the world with us and any individual who believes in our #NOREGRETS philosophy becomes part of the Contiki tale. Our story is in the process of being written, and you better believe it’s a page turner.

Each of us is on a journey. Where that journey first started we have no say in, but where that journey leads is entirely up to us. The decisions we choose to make, the paths we choose to go down, the risks we think are worth taking – these are the things that truly define us. At Contiki, we live passionately by one philosophy – to travel with no regrets. Why? Because life, real life, doesn’t happen when you colour inside the lines. It’s only when you break free, trust your instincts, and intentionally live with your eyes wide open, that you become the person you’re meant to be. So ask yourself this – do you want to live life in the shadows, or do you want to live life with no regrets?



  •  Our trips are created exclusively for 18-35 year olds. No younger, no older.


  • Looking for all the major icons but also the under- the-radar local favourites? No problem, we do it all.


  • Unique accommodation, an A+ team, comfy transport, tons of meals and No Regrets Inclusions on every trip. Now that’s value.


  • Locally sourced ingredients, region specific meals and foodie experiences and trips to make your tummy smile.


  • The flexibility to change your mind and the knowledge that from start to finish, we’ve got your back.


  •  8 incredible travel styles to suit every type of traveller, even you.


  • Enough said. We’ll take care of the details, you focus on the memory making.


  • We are a family-run business who care deeply about the well- being of our travellers, and providing incredible experiences and value. We’re financially secure and put our all into delivering excellent trips each and every time.


  • We don’t imitate, we just do our thing better than anyone else. That’s what 56 years as the world’s leading youth travel company gets you.


  • Hours of Free Time for solo wanderings, plus tasty Free Time Add-Ons to amp up your experience even further.

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