Live with #NoRegrets
You Have One Shot, Live with #NOREGRETS
Contiki Holidays
Explore With Passion
Explore With Passion
And See a World of Possibilities
Life Changing Moments Lead to Self Discovery
Life Changing Moments
Lead to Self Discovery
This is Your Time
What Will You Do With It?

One Life. One Shot. #NOREGRETS.

At Contiki we believe it’s about making every moment count and that’s what we do best.

What makes travel so important.

The RoadTrip Latin America Peru Edition

What will you do this year that you will remember forever

Travel with No Regrets

The ultimate CASPAR LEE

#NoRegrets highlights reel Greece

18-35’s ONLY

  • Over 50% of our travellers choose to travel alone, and make friends from around the world.


  • Over 60 countries, hundreds of unique trips and thousands of departures.


  • There’s always a trip style that’s perfect for you.


  • 54 years in the business, the best connections throughout Europe and the best trained team bar none.


  • More of Europe’s must-sees and must-do’s, included as standard.


  • The free time you need to explore.


  • Need we say more?

Contiki creates eye-opening experiences for young travellers around the globe. Travelling with us isn’t about ticking boxes, but about those moments in time that stay with you for life. Its about having the opportunity to not just see the world, but to see a world of possibilities. We take care of all the details, so you can take it all in, find your own path and share in our sense of discovery.

We offer trips in over 60 countries and 5 continents, from quick breaks as short as 3 days to epic journeys as long as 6 weeks. Whether you’re into snorkeling & diving or skiing & snowboarding, our tours are designed to let you do what you love. Contiki gives you a world of choices so you can create the trip you’ve always dreamed of taking.

When you travel Contiki, you get more included as part of your tour than going any other way – more must-see sights, more activities & more amazing places to stay. Plus our local expertise means you’ll get a truly local experience.

With 8 Ways to Travel, specifically designed to suit your personal travel preferences, Contiki gives you a world of choices to create the trip you’ve always dreamed of taking.

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Casper Urhammer, CEO

“At Contiki we truly believe in the power of travel. Not just to discover new places but to discover new paths in life, create moments that can change you and help you find friends that remain with you forever. It really is about living with no regrets.”