Delivering enhanced guest service & engagement

The TTC Online Travel Portal offers Many Great Features and Benefits to our Guests:

Duty of Care

In the unlikely event of an incident TTC will use registered contact details to directly & immediately contact & account for each traveler.

Ease of Travel

Guests Registered details are used to ensure a seamless hassle free trip. From hotel check ins to boarder security checks, guests travel with ease.

Set Trip Preferences

Supplied trip preferences are be shared with Travel Director’s so to enhance every guests own individual experience.

Make Travel Matter

Guests have the option to choose to view or download e-documents and itineraries rather than travelling with a printed format. Not only does this allow guests to access their documents with ease anytime, anyplace but TTC also plants a tree in conjunction with the non-for-profit organization focused on global reforestation, One Tree Planted for every guest that chooses to go paper free. Together, each year we reforest several hundred acres of barren and devastated land. To learn more about our past and current work to Make Travel Matter, please visit us at

Our Commitment to Our Travel Agent Partners

Our commitment to you, in addition to saving you time and enhancing your clients trip, is what we will not do with the data we receive. We will not use that data to solicit clients to book directly with us; we never have and we never will. Details provided will only be used for travel service messaging.