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Get On top of Coronavirus Travel Restrictions With Our Newest Partner

Sep 8, 2020 | TTC


The question on everybody’s mind – when will the travel ban and COVID travel restrictions lift? And when can we start planning our next adventure and well-deserved holiday?

Whether looking into a domestic or international break, the various coronavirus travel bans have made it difficult to navigate and plan a trip. What we do know is this – This too shall pass.
Like all major global and life changing events over the past decades and centuries before us, they have all passed through. And the world continues to spin on its axis as we, and those before us – adjust, evolve and get on with the day-to-day grind as we learn to live and adapt to the “new normal”.
As we prepare ourselves for what life and travel will look like post pandemic, here are some tips and tools to enable you to book with confidence when thinking about your next flight, cruise or road trip:


When to Book
You may be able to leave your country or state, but are you aware that you may have to quarantine either in a hotel (sometimes at your own expense), or self-isolate at your home or residents for two weeks upon entering the new destination, and / or upon returning home?
It’s confusing, we get it. So, spare yourself searching for the most up-to-date travel advisory for info on international and domestic travel bans – The Travel Corporation has partnered with the company Sherpa to provide travelers with the latest government and health restrictions.
Simply enter what country you want to travel to and get information on safety regulations, border closures, quarantine requirements, your travel visa and more.
We’ve made life easy for you – use Sherpa to navigate through the domestic and international travel checklist, before booking or leaving your home, so you’re aware of the restrictions and conditions for each destination due to the EU, UK, the Americas, Asia, Africa and Australia travel ban countries.

The planning and dream phase of travel is all part of the fun as the world waits in anticipation for when we can travel again, which is inevitable. So be prepared for when you can hit the GO button on your dream holiday!

For easy-to-access info on coronavirus travel restrictions, visit any of these links: Trafalgar; Uniworld Boutique River Cruises; Insight Vacations; Contiki.


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