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A decade ago, the TTC team challenged ourselves to do better. We created The TreadRight Foundation and started a Social Responsibility journey to ensure that the places we live in, the communities we visit, and the planet we love remain vibrant for generations to come.

Brett Tollman, Chief Executive

The Travel Corporation has always strongly believed that travel and tourism companies play a vital role in protecting the world’s natural habitats, cultural heritage sites and communities both where we live and where we travel to. This year our brands will launch an online travel portal for guests. In continued efforts to expand our ways of creating a sustainable planet, when registering or being registered on behalf of a Travel Agent, guests can choose e-documentation and we will plant a tree in thanks. “

Through The TreadRight Foundation, TTC’s not-for-profit dedicated to supporting and protecting the environment, destinations and communities we visit, we’ve partnered with leading sustainability organizations and inspiring conservation leaders around the world to deliver meaningful and impactful projects.

As a Diamond Sponsor of the UN International Year for Sustainable Tourism for Development, we’ve joined forces with leaders from across the travel industry to help drive sustainable development around the world.

Guided by four generations of travel and tourism experience along with valuable partnerships and collaborations, we’ve adopted and are implementing a Social Responsibility strategy to integrate best practices and reduce our operational environmental footprint, protect the planet’s wild places and cultures, reduce the impact at our offices, help to stamp out animal cruelty, empower the disenfranchised, and impact our communities through our employee volunteering program.

And we’re encouraging the many travellers who explore the planet with our award-winning brands to do so in a positive and sustainable manner; educating them on the importance of honouring their hosts by learning about local customs, traditions and social practices; supporting local economies by encouraging guests to purchase souvenirs like locally-made artisan handicrafts and products; respecting wildlife and their natural habitats; purchasing products that aren’t made using endangered species; reduce water and energy waste; treading lightly; and guiding travellers on how to become ambassadors for good in their own life when they return home by sharing their knowledge and rewarding experiences.

Please join us.

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