Carousel 1 - Immerse yourself in local cultures
Immerse Yourself in Local Cultures
Carousel 2 - Get up close and personal with wildlife
Get Up Close and Personal with Wildlife
House boat in backwaters
Stay In Unique and Authentic Accommodation
Carousel 4 - Go on an adventure of true discovery
Go On an Adventure of True Discovery
Carousel 5 - Explore the world in your own style
Explore the World In Your Own Style

For 40 years Adventure world Travel has been helping travellers discover some of the most remote and intriguing corners of our planet; starting with adventures to India in 1979, we now offer extraordinary journeys to over 90 countries.



From the beginning Adventure World Travel has been committed to helping our travellers experience the world on their own terms with a dedicated focus on independent tailor-made travel. Like us, our travellers are curious and passionate about the places they visit.

Proud of our ability to take our fellow adventurers to some of the most coveted destinations on earth, from remote islands of the Russian Arctic, to the highlands of Ethiopia and the deep amazon – we are aware of our responsibility to protect these incredibly fragile places.

Rest assured that when you travel with Adventure World you have selected one of the most sustainably conscious companies with a credible history of providing the utmost expertise and a diverse collection of unique travel experiences.

Every person is unique and so is every journey. Whether it is pure luxury or authentic charm, we are committed to working with you to create your perfect holiday.


It’s a rewarding feeling, buoyed with fresh memories of unexpected adventures, plenty of laughs and some incredible food. In this very moment you come to understand why we create journeys the way we do.

A peaceful afternoon brought encounters with wildlife that you never thought you’d see, in a jaw-dropping landscape that you know you’ll never forget.

And when you are on the verge of sleep beneath a million stars and ensconced in a suite representing the essence of unique travel, you will know why so many people embark on a lifelong love affair with the world we live in.




There’s no better way to experience a region than by immersing yourself in local culture. Gain a genuine appreciation of a place, it’s people and landscapes by learning directly from those who truly understand it. Meet and stay with locals, explore historical sites and marketplaces, and eat traditional delicacies for a sincere, rich experience.


Getting up close and personal with wildlife that you’ve only seen in magazines can be a surprisingly touching experience. Witness animals in their natural environment – often far-flung, breathtaking backdrops. By exploring mountains, lakes, gorges, plains and rainforests you’ll feel an honest connection to a place and its wild inhabitants.


Our adventures journeys are created to offer a rewarding journey without needing a wealth of previous travel experience. Enjoy all the comforts and conveniences such as exceptional cuisine and friendly porters to carry and transfer luggage. Many of our adventures could be found in a ‘hard adventure’ category, but physical exertion is not the aim. And you can rest assured there’ll be a comfortable night’s sleep at the end of an active day.

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Neil Rodgers, Managing Director

Adventure World Travel goes above and beyond to create tailor-made unique and extraordinary travel experiences – awe-inspiring, incredible moments that will take pride of place among your memories forever.”