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Dear Traveler,

It was nearly 100 years ago – in August of 1920 – that my grandfather, Solomon Tollman, opened a small hotel in Paternoster, 150 km up the Atlantic coast from Cape Town, South Africa. Though a small hotel in a sleepy fishing village, he ran it with a passion for service, welcoming guests with genuine warmth and personal hospitality, as if each of them were his only guest – the exact same attitude that drives everything we do today.

Throughout 2020, we will be celebrating our first 100 years by sharing the stories that highlight where we have been and where we are going. Some of these tales I heard as a child, lived as a young man, and am now helping to shape as Chief Executive of this fourth-generation family owned and run business. We exist to take you on fantastic journeys, and we are both delighted and honored to invite you to join us on this one.

Excited as we are about traveling through the past with you, we are even more excited for the future – starting with the travel experiences we can offer right now, turning your dreams of travel into memories of a lifetime. The photos below will give you a glimpse at what we’ll be up to in 2020.

We look forward to having you join us.

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Brett Tollman
Chief Executive - TTC

Explore Our Year Of Celebration Ahead!

Paternoster Hotel January
Driven By Service
New Beginnings The Paternoster Hotel, where Solomon Tollman first began welcoming guests in 1920. Ten years later, Stanley Tollman would be born there, growing up to be a leader in the world of travel – and TTC’s Chairman today. Today, there are many choices to choose from – see some of our own top ten travel lists for this brave new year.
Valentine’s Day
Love Stories In 1952 Bea and Stanley Tollman went on their first date at the Oyster Box Hotel in Durban, and on that day he vowed to one day buy it for his future bride. In 2006 he did just that, and together, they turned it into one of Africa’s finest hotels. We want to hear your love stories too.
Dph-kd6W4AERyHF March
International Women’s Day
Celebrating Women Leaders Guided by Bea Tollman’s enduring vision, TTC has always believed in empowering women leaders, who have also been crucial to our success. We’ll be sharing some of TTC’s inspiring women’s stories too.
adventure balance balanced April
Earth Day
Making Travel Matter With one century behind us and another before us, we know that travel has impact. Through our TreadRight Foundation, we try to ensure that our impact is positive – on our planet, on people, and on wildlife.
International Day of Families
Celebrating Families As a fourth-generation family owned and run business, we know the power of travel to bring families together, both for our team and for the travelers we serve. We’ll be meeting some of those families and sharing their stories.
ZUC Stargazer June
Innovation Continuous improvement and innovation have been key to our success thus far and will be in the future. We constantly develop new travel experiences - like glamping, and bring innovative design to our hotels, our ships, our itineraries, our adventures, our technology and – of course – our service.
black and white connected hands love July
International Friendship Day
Celebrating Friendship We love our travelers and are pleased that so many enduring friendships have grown out of the travel experiences we offer. We will be sharing some of those stories - of how travel breaks barriers and brings us closer.
TTC’s 100th Birthday!
Magical Moments! Travel creates and shapes memories that we treasure for a lifetime, and our history is rich with such moments. In honor of our birthday, we will be opening the scrapbook and sharing some of our favorites.
World Tourism Day
Connecting People & Places For us, travel has always been about building bridges, and we believe that is more important now than ever. This year’s theme for World Tourism Day is “One Vision, One Planet,” and we’ll be celebrating how travel provides opportunities for cultural exchange and respect when discovering new worlds, helping keep local traditions and businesses alive.
Why We Exist
Making Travel Personal High touch service in a high-tech world. We believe in technology doing what it does best so that our people can do what they do best – personalizing your travel experiences to make your journey memorable. We will share some of our favorite travelers’ stories, especially those who have been on multiple journeys with various TTC companies.
Opening Up the World
Opening Up the World For every over-touristed destination in the world, there are many others waiting to be discovered. Our companies are actively seeking those out, developing experiences to new destinations where you will be welcomed with open arms.
Earth December
Looking Forward
Reflecting Back & Looking Forward Even as we flip through the scrapbook of 2020’s best travel experiences and memories, we’ll be dreaming of future ones. So, we begin our second century, knowing the best is yet to come.

TTC 100 Years Teaser